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Detected incorrect data from server (another).

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Detected incorrect data from server (another).

I checked the previous topic with an identical error message but I see nothing about hash failures in the log file.

I tried to set up our company provisioned Pulse client on my Win10 laptop and while the installation succeeds I get no tray icon even after a reboot.

When I try to manually launch the launcher I get the "Detected incorrect data from server." error. I checked the log file and there is no indication what might be wrong.

I am currently using Cisco Anyconnect and we are planning to shut down and switch over to Pulse entirely shortly. Some of my coworkers successfully switched over and are running Pulse already and I have no clue why it does not work on my laptop. 

I have a lot of development tools installed MSDEV/IntelliJ etc but those should not interfere with my VPN client.


Uploaded the log file here:


Re: Detected incorrect data from server (another).

@zb Pulse Application Launcher (PSAL) is not meant for standalone operation or launch. PSAL will be used only to launch the installed Pulse Secure components (if not, it will send notification to Pulse Setup Client to download and install the same).


If you have Pulse Client installed, then please start the client and connect to VPN directly from the client, no need to open PSAL application.

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Re: Detected incorrect data from server (another).

if you work through the browser, are you able to launch?