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Download Pulse Desktop Clients

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Download Pulse Desktop Clients

Hi all,

I'd like to download the pulse desktop clients 5.1R4. Is there anyplace where I can do it rather than my gateways? Like on the pulse website. If it's possible on the website, Can I have the link and do I need a special account?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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Re: Download Pulse Desktop Clients

Generally, there are two ways to get the Pulse Secure desktop client installed on an endpoint device:
* web-deploy
* pre-deploy

With Web Deploy, you point your endpoint machine's web browser to your company's Pulse Connect Secure gateway, and click on the proper link to begin the download and install of the client. This is (I think) what you are trying to avoid.

With Pre-Deploy, you receive a copy of the MSI/DMG installer file, and then install it, either manually, or, through a third-party software-distribution system like SMS. This sounds like what you want to do.

Generally, the MSI/DMG files for the clients cannot be accessed by end users via the Internet. System Administrators can access the client installers through the Pulse Secure portal here:

But, again, that site is not accessible to end users.

The only other option is for Windows 10 users. We have a "universal" Pulse client in beta that works on all Windows 10 devices only. It is here:

This site is accessible by end users and is not restricted to customers with Pulse Secure portal accounts.