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Endpoint Security

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Endpoint Security

When I try to connect to the vpn I am getting the next issue: I am on windows 10 with pulse 5.0, and avast 17.8, I don't understand what is happening.


1. Corp-Asset-Check

Your system does not meet the minimum requirements for full Network Connect access.

If you are using a corporate asset and receiving this error message, contact Tech Services.


Contact the Technical Support to check the status of your machine certificate.

Help Desk Number

Toll free: 1-888-290-3776

International: X-10372

Local: 860-766-2652

UK: 00-1-860-766-2652

2. Corp-AntiVirus-Check

! Antivirus Not Up To Date !

Your computer does not meet current security requirements.

This warning will continue until the issue is fixed.

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Re: Endpoint Security

Hello Rasilvap,


Unfortuantely, you'll need to contact your IT Help Desk to better understand the problem. Also, I would make a recommendation to the PCS administrator to modify the message to help end users self-remediate the issue. 

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Re: Endpoint Security

These messages are from the Host Checker feature.  Your corporate IT group has set policy checks on the computers that are allowed to have VPN access.  From the looks of it you must be connecting from and corporate owned computer.


The certificate failure is likely from an internal CA that needs to be installed on the corporate machine.


The AV error is from the system not having the current corporate AV version and patch level active.


The corporate help desk is apparently aware of how to remediate these if this is a corporate computer needing remote access since they provide that information.


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