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Error 1205 Failed to setup Virtual Adapter

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Error 1205 Failed to setup Virtual Adapter



I'm getting the Error 1205 Failed to setup Virtual Adapter error with my Pulse Secure Version 5.3.4 (1183) client on my Windows 10 Pro OS.


I'm following, KB43717 - Pulse Secure Desktop client fails to connect on Windows 10 machines due to error "Failed to setup virtual Adapter (Error 1205)" when Windows Reliability Tool (prior to 10.0.14393.10020) is installed.


My Device Manager (using Show Hidden Devices) does not show Juniper Networks Virtual Adapter Manager is installed or Juniper_Networks_Virtual_Adapter_01. I am assuming this is my issue. However, I can not find anything on how to install these devices.


Where and or how do I install these?






Re: Error 1205 Failed to setup Virtual Adapter

As per the KB43717, if the mentioned conditions are met with yours, you can try to implement the "Workaround" part.



If all conditions apply, Pulse Secure recommends to take the following actions:

  1. Uninstall the Pulse client
  2. Apply the workaround provided in Microsoft support article 4098563. The workaround will completely block the reliability tool from running. To do this, run the following commands:
takeown /f "C:\Program Files\rempl" /r /d y
icacls "C:\Program Files\rempl" /grant administrators:F /t /q
icacls "C:\Program Files\rempl" /deny system:F /t /q
  1. Reinstall the Pulse client
Pulse Connect Secure Certified Expert