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Error During Installation

New Contributor

Error During Installation

I try to instal v.9.1r4-b1761-64bit and during installation I am receiving an error during installation that the Pulse Secure\8021xAccessMethod\JNPRTtlsProvider.dll failed to register. 

I ignore the error and then the installation completes and I am able to connect but only ONCE. 

As soon as the server is rebooted any attempted connection fails because I am told that the Pulse Secure Service is not running.


My "client" is a Windows 2019 server (with all latest update) installed as a VM using Oracle's VirtualBox.

Thank you.

Occasional Contributor

Re: Error During Installation


we did an upgrade from 9.1r1 to 9.1r3 and some users also have this issue. can someone please help ?
New Member

Re: Error During Installation

FYI, I just fixed this issue by installing the "Wireless LAN Service" Windows Server Feature, as explained in