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HostChecker - wrong OS recognition

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HostChecker - wrong OS recognition


I use Windows 7 Enterprise x64. I was on Network Connect v.7. Everything was working fine.
I decided to upgrade to v.8.1 and that was my mistake...
After that it seems that host checker recognizes my PC to be on Windows Vista while it never was. Its Win 7 since the beginning.
Could someone please tell me what is being checked exactly that determines the client's OS: Registry? Environmental variables? Local files?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Re: HostChecker - wrong OS recognition

The OS detection uses the Windows NT version number, see

We did have an issue where Windows 10 was being detected as Vista, this is fixed in 8.1R11 and 8.2R6 (PRS-344992).

I found an old PR where Host Checker was detecting one Windows 7 machine as XP while other Windows 7 devices passed successfully, can you try the following which was the fix in that case:

Step 1: Go to Host Checker folder in c:\users\\Appdata\Roaming\Juniper Networks\Host Checker".
Step 2: Right click on dsHostChecker.exe and go to properties.
Step 3: In Properties dialog box, select "Compatibility" tab.
Step 4a: Under "Compatibility mode" section, if the check box was marked with tick, then un check it and click OK.
Step 4b: If the check box was not marked, then select it and then select "Windows 7" in the box down box below and click OK.
After the above steps. Restart the machine and run the Host Checker again.

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Re: HostChecker - wrong OS recognition

Thanks so much mspiers!

Step 4b was the right one for me.
You saved me a lot of time and trouble at work so I really do appreciate that.

Once again thanks bunches!
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Re: HostChecker - wrong OS recognition

Mspiers, thank you SO much.

It was not an easy fix and not even the vendor was able to provide me with the resolution.

Thank you!