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Keep-alives fail over DOCSIS ISP but not over DSL

Keep-alives fail over DOCSIS ISP but not over DSL

I am using the Pulse Secure client for VPN access.  Just switched from a DSL ISP to a DOCSIS ISP for better performance.  But now my VPN connection fails back from ESP to SSL because of missing heartbeats every 20 mins.  This does not require re-authentication, but it does kill any sessions that my test program has open at the time - which means I have to restart my test to re-open the sessions.  After switching to SSL, it goes right back to ESP within a minute or so and its fine again for another 20 mins.


I assume that over a 20 min period there are a few successful keep-alives happening before one times out, is that a good assumption?  If so, then the problem could not be a closed port, right?  Can anyone provide suggestions for solving this?


If I could change a setting somewhere to force it to stay on SSL, I'd be happy - I'd rather have a stable product than the extra advantage of ESP.  Does anyone know how to do that?