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Linux Desktop Client 9.1R9(255) - not recognizing SafeNet eToken 5100/5110

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Linux Desktop Client 9.1R9(255) - not recognizing SafeNet eToken 5100/5110

Pulse Community,


I have been trying to expand the ability to include Linux platforms in our deployment. However I am hitting brick walls with the Linux Desktop Client for Pulse Secure.


Our SafeNet eTokens (hardware tokens) work with Firefox, or proxies like BurpSuite but we are unable to get Pulse Secure to recognize that there is a token on Slot 0, and to utilize this token for authentication. When attempting to connect to the VPN server we get an error:


"Unable to load page, problem occurred while loading the url XXX, unacceptable TLS certificate" I have only 1 option, to 'try again'. No token initialization, or request for the token password - so I'm assuming the Pulse Client has no idea a hardware token is present.


I have read through all the documents, and SafeNet tokens appear to be supported in Linux. In the Windows environments we have no problem with Pulse. It automatically recognizes our tokens, and we are able to select them and log in appropriately.


I am currently utilizing the /usr/lib/ shared object file to access the eTokens in Firefox and Burpsuite, however I have no options to load this in Pulse Secure.


I have been searching through the Knowledge Base here on Pulse's Community:


however I am not seeing anything that addresses this issue:


How do you integrate a hardware token with Pulse Secure 9.1R9 Linux Desktop Client?


I really need some help here! Appreciate it!