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Linux Pulse Client does not work with curl 7.74

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Re: Linux Pulse Client does not work with curl 7.74

r@yElr3yyou most probably will need to backport or compile the library, depending on the version you're using.  For example for ubuntu 20.04 LTS:
> lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description:    Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Release:        20.04
Codename:       focal
> apt list --installed | 'grep' libcurl                                                                                                                        

WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts.

libcurl3-gnutls/focal-updates,focal-security,now 7.68.0-1ubuntu2.4 arm64 [installed]
libcurl4-gnutls-dev/focal-updates,focal-security,now 7.68.0-1ubuntu2.4 arm64 [installed]
libcurl4/focal-updates,focal-security,now 7.68.0-1ubuntu2.4 arm64 [installed]
So that version is using 7.68...  Arch from AUR is using the "centos-rhel-64-bit" version 9.1R9.0 installer for the binaries.  That becasue pulse-secure is not open source, so there's no way to build it and link it against native libraries, but the AUR package makes sure the dependencies are present in the system.
The fact you don't find an ubuntu libcurl 7.74 binary doesn't mean you won't find it later, or you can't build it.  So as things are now, if an user updates its system to libcurl 7.74, for whatever reason, and no matter the system, then pulse-secure will just crash.
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Re: Linux Pulse Client does not work with curl 7.74

The issue reported here is from legacy linux client "/usr/local/pulse/pulseUi". The stack trace from this link is clear ( that it is from the legacy client. Recently pulse has released a totally revamped NEW linux client, so suggest you to start using the new client which is released as part of 9.1R9, 91R10,9.1R11(upcoming) etc. 

I am not clear from the thread that whether the users are used NEW client or the latest version of old client itself. The reason I am insisting is that new client is that, new client GUI doesn't link to libcurl so there is no chance of libcurl related error from the new client. Please reach out to your support/administrator for the new client package.

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Re: Linux Pulse Client does not work with curl 7.74

@gvpulse Thank you for your inputs.


I have tested with libcurl 7.74 and did not face any UI crash. Installed PDC is 9.1R10


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