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Linux host checker

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Linux host checker


We are having some difficulties with the host checker on Linux. We enabled host checker and it works perfectly for Windows, Mac and mobile clients but someone with Ubuntu fails to connect. The error is "no linux policy applied"


The issue is I am not sure what to put in the linux section as the options are only custom file, port and process.


Could someone help me what to put in the policy to enable the linux people to connect again. We are not worried about checking anything on the linux systems as the issues we wanted to keep in check are malware in windows and to some extent Mac.


Thanks in advance



Re: Linux host checker

You will need to put in a common file or process that you expect to be running (required) OR a fictional process that if it is running, they should be rejected (deny)

Re: Linux host checker

To add to it, if you have configured port based policy, then the port should be open in firewall and some process should be listening at that port for host checker to succeed

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Re: Linux host checker



For us, HostChecker works well only with ipsec.

I can give you our solution

Me i would like to know if host checker can work with https:\\