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Mac Mojave cannot connect

New Contributor

Mac Mojave cannot connect

I have the logs zip file.

I see this over and over a in the logs, does it mean anything?

ConnectionStoreService' getAttribute machine:settings

'ConnectionStoreService' getAttribute ID not found machine:settings

'JamUI' Captive browser flag is enabled: 0

- 'JamUI' Captive portal browser is not enabled - ignoring update

'JamUI' Stopping captive portal browser

 'AccessService' IDSAccessInterface stub 176 is released

AccessService' IConnectionStore stub 177 is released

Regular Contributor

Re: Mac Mojave cannot connect

The log message is stating the captive portal feature is not enabled.  This is not a critical error message but meant for troubleshooting for support.


The captive portal feature was built to ensure end users were properly notified to accept the agreement to public hotspot, hotels, etc before connecting with the Pulse client.