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Mac Mojavi Issue


Mac Mojavi Issue

I am wondering if anyone might offer a clue as to possible causes or troubleshooting ideas for an issue I am experiencing connecting with my company's VPN. I am definitely something of a novice, so it could be something obvious:

I am able to work on my company's VPN on my chromebook with Pulse Secure with no issues, but on my Macbook with Mojavi, I connect to the VPN (it says "connected"), but still cannot access VPN resources. It's almost as if my wifi connection isn't actually using the VPN even though Pulse says it's connected. I am using Pulse Secure 9.0.2. I have tried an uninstall/reinstall, but that did not help. When I look in advanced connection details, I see "tunnel not enabled."


Any ideas to figure out the cause of the issue or hints would be really welcomed!


Re: Mac Mojavi Issue

based on the message you are receiving, you are getting assigned different access on the mac than your chromebook
the "connected" message means that you have authenticated successfully; the "tunnel not enabled" means that you do not have permissions to create a connection through the server to the network
i would recommend working with your IT team on permission to have access with your mac