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MacOS where are settings saved?

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MacOS where are settings saved?

I tried moving the Pulse Secure app to a Networking directory in my Applications folder, since I don't like a lot of clutter.

Unfortunately, that triggered the uninstall script, which did not give me the option to cancel, only whether I wanted to save the settings or not.  I chose to save the settings. 

I moved Pulse Secure back out of the Networking folder into the top level Applications folder, as it was before. On restarting Pulse Secure, it no longer has any of the previous settings.

Where do I find the settings it saved when it asked during the uninstall action and how do I put them back?





Re: MacOS where are settings saved?

You can find some settings like connection sets here:

/Library/Application Support/Pulse Secure/Pulse


You can also find some connection info here:

~/Library/Application Support/Pulse Secure/SetupClient

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