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Memory Leak Pulse Secure Client

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Memory Leak Pulse Secure Client

A couple of weeks ago we were forced to upgrade the Pulse Secure client (9.1r7.0-b2525) to version (
After updating, we have identified a major memory leak issue which is forcing all of our 200+ employees to reboot multiple times a day, specifically we have identified the memory leak in the Windows WFP and TDI drivers (no matter which of the two is used, we switched to the TDI driver as explained here [1] ) and the memory leak switches then from the WFP driver to the TDI driver.
Currently this problem occurs on all company computers (multiple types of hardware) and almost all run the Windows 10 1903 version
We have done a huge number of tests but we have not had luck to identify if there is a problem with any configuration in windows or if there is a bug in this latest version of the Pulse client since the memory leak starts and stops once the Pulse client connects or disconnects.
Any suggestions to help us solve this problem are appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your time .




Re: Memory Leak Pulse Secure Client

@jricardo Please open a support ticket

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