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Network connect session terminated

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Network connect session terminated

Our company recently upgraded Network connect from 8.1 to 8.2. A few end users are not able to establish a connection. It immediately disconnect with the this error. Our environment is Windows 7 with IE 11. I have tried the following:
-> Uninstalled all products from Add and Remove programs.
-> Removed all active X components via the IE option menu.
-> Uninstalled the Juniper network adapter via the hidden device manager view.
-> Ensured the system is in the correct time zone and the time is accurate.
-> Re-installed all components.

I don't see anything in the logs from a system connecting successfully and one that does not.

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Re: Network connect session terminated

Unfortunately, it is a general error message indicating connection failure between the client & appliance
If you look at the TCP dump on the server and client, do they show successful communication?
Are the Windows 7 systems fully patched to allow for the SHA2-based signature of the 8.2 client?