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Non paged pool memory leak on pulse secure

Occasional Contributor

Re: Non paged pool memory leak on pulse secure

Can you provide the number to call please? 


The memory leak lessened when using the latest release 9.1R8.2 but still exists, although not as bad as before. 


I'm not sure how I connect, i'm not too tech savvy. We connect via a remote desktop, pulse secure logs on, then we click into our remote desktop (Brent/Lewisham).


The majority of staff have been issued laptops with a direct connection to the network, which is why i'm guessing it has remained undiagnosed. Not many of us use our desktop PC's for work, but I can't imagine working on a tiny laptop screen. 



Re: Non paged pool memory leak on pulse secure

Below are the contact numbers for Pulse Secure.  However, you will need whoever manages the Pulse Applaince to open this ticket as they will have the serial number for the actual appliance.  Our customer care team will need to validate the support contract on that appliance and then can dispatch the ticket to our support team.


Thank you