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PS 5.3.6 and Network List service

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PS 5.3.6 and Network List service

I just recently pushed out an update to my clients running 5.3.5 to 5.3.6, and since then I've noticed that many of them are reporting mobile broadband (Cellular) connection drops when securing a connection. I then noticed that when connected to Wifi, it removes the available wireless networks from a Win 7 and Win 10 (1703) client.


Further investigating i found that the Network List service (NetProFM) was switching to disabled - thus cutting off any wifi connections and cellular connections. 


I did see that in 5.3.6 PS introduced a fix to Domain profile assignment ( which restarts the Network Location Awareness service- that the NLS is dependent on.


Unfortunately this renders the VPN client essentially useless for my on the road sales and tech users, has anyone else found a way to supress this or stop the NLA/NLS services from shutting off?


Right now the only fix I have is removing 5.3.6 and installing 5.3.5



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Re: PS 5.3.6 and Network List service

Same issue here with the 9.0.2 Pulse Connect Secure client for Windows. 



- User connects to VPN

- In services.msc we see "network list service" being disabled for a short time and then change to manual, causing issues when the laptop or desktop restarts

- In network centre no networks are shown (required service not running) 

- No wifi networks in 'available networks'

- Starting the network list service brings back functionality, but when Pulse Secure client connects the network list service gets disabled again

- This occurs on multiple laptops and workstations in our environment



- Reverting back to the 9.0.1 Pulse Secure Client fixes the issue immediately

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Re: PS 5.3.6 and Network List service

Same issue here... just upgraded to 9.0R2 for other reasons and now we have a few folks seeing this issue... not everyone though.