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PS Client updates post PCS update

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PS Client updates post PCS update

I know this is kind of a stupid question - but is there anywhere I can find the minimum client supported by a specific PCS version?

Currently I'm running 8.3R4, and I'd like to possibly move to 9.X track, however I don't know what version of Win/Mac PC Clients I should be raising them to.


I'm trying to avoid user clients from having to force a client update upon connection when I update the appliance, by pushing out the update before hand via SCCM. Right now I'm split between 9.0R2.1 for my Win 10 and Mac clients, 5.3 R5.2 for Win 7 clients. 


Re: PS Client updates post PCS update

Hello @aeckensweiler


Yes, we have documentation that provides this information. 


Below you can choose any version of the client and it lists the compatible server versions.


For 9.0R2.1, the minimum Pulse Client supported is 9.0R2.