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Pulse Credential Provider Behavior


Pulse Credential Provider Behavior

With Network Connect users had the option of using the GINA logon or not when they started up their machine each time. We want to provide that same option when using Pulse and the Credential Provider but from what I've seen once you configure credential provider on Pulse it brands every login tile so the user has no choice but to not have Pulse try to start when they login no matter which account they use including the local account on the PC.
Does anyone know of a way around this?


Re: Pulse Credential Provider Behavior

Hi Filbert.

Generally, what you have written is correct: Once Pulse's credential provider is enabled, the end user is not given a choice of whether to log into the desktop with the Pulse credential provider tile or a non-Pulse tile. The Pulse tile is generally the only option.

That said, the end user can always log in with the Pulse tile, then when the VPN connection is being established, the end user can hit the "Cancel" button to terminate the VPN connection attempt, but then continue to log into the desktop.

If that's not an acceptable workaround, then I recommend that you reach out to the Pulse Secure Global Support Center or directly email [email protected] (and reference this forum post) for guidance. There may be other options, but they are complicated and would need to be discussed with support personnel.