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Pulse Desktop - Azure SAML - Extend Session

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Pulse Desktop - Azure SAML - Extend Session

Hi all,

We setup Pulse Desktop to be able to authenticate using Azure and SAML. This works fine for us when connecting. However, when the person tries to extend a session, the Pulse Browser window will show that 


I can disconnect and reconnect and have no issue. It's only when extending the session.


I'm not sure what the issue could be? What address is it trying to lookup and why would can I connect normally? Or does SAML not support extending sessions?




Re: Pulse Desktop - Azure SAML - Extend Session

Extending the session will keep the tunnel intact until the session extension succeeds, hence check if the traffic might go through the VPN tunnel. I expect the MS site should go direct, and the authentication should come up.


is it a full tunnel? do we allow the MS site to passthrough?

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