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Pulse Doesnt Install on Win 10 ARM / Qualcomm, i.e. Samsung Galaxy Book S

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Pulse Doesnt Install on Win 10 ARM / Qualcomm, i.e. Samsung Galaxy Book S

Just a question for staff, when will the Pulse Secure installers for Win32 and Win64 be fixed in order to work on Windows machines running on ARM processors? It has been a couple of years since Win on ARM64 was announced.


A proper installer and files optimized for ARM64 is eventually needed, but in the near term the fast fix since all Win/ARM64 systems will run regular Win10 code in Win32 compatibility mode if an ARM64 optimized version isnt present. is to patch the 32-bit installer to recognize the system is 64-bit but ARM, thereby allowing 32bit binaries to be installed. (as it is now, it fails due to detecting 64-bit windows, which Win on ARM64 is). There is no need to compile a ARM-friendly UWP app. At least fix the broken 32-bit installer code and install process. I say "fix" because others have 32-bit installers that work fine. If you need a high profile example, decompile the Microsoft Teams 32-bit installer, it works fine on all Win/ARM64 machines and deals with the 64-bit environment fine and the 32-bit emulation, and completes install of the 32-bit app just fine.


If other companies can make 32-bit installers that install just fine on Win/ARM64 machines, Pulse can too, there is no reason to drag feet on this. It will need to be done at some point anyway as there will only be growth in Win/ARM machines, especially with Qualcomm and Samsung spearheading. Clients with all day 4g and 5g connectivity will be increasing, especially with increases in remote /flexible working.


The writing is on the wall, when can we expect a proper installer to make Pulse Secure work on ARM64 windows machines? (don't say, use the one from the Windows Store since that is a minimal version of Pulse Secure and is not fully featured and does not work with companies requiring high security features with VPN connections).

Get ahead of the curve, don't wait for competitors to eat your lunch, folks.





Windows for ARM64 was announced around 2017. Machines have been around since last year.

Qualcomm just launched its 8cx compute platform for ARM-based Windows

Samsung Galaxy Book S was announced, combining QC 8cx with Win10

Microsoft and Samsung announced a strategic partnership to bring more Windows computing and MS cloud resource access to mobile.

More manufacturers are looking at all day mobile connectivity with laptops