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Pulse Secure 9.0.3 Kills Wireless on Windows 10

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Pulse Secure 9.0.3 Kills Wireless on Windows 10

This has got to be one of the worst VPN clients I've ever experienced.


Installed Pulse Secure because our client asked us to. (I work for an agency).  After installation, and upon connection to clients VPN, Windows 10 wireless features are disabled. I can see the list of radios that are available for a wireless connection, but no DHCP, no internet upon connecting.


I disconnected from Pulse Secure, rebooted the machine, and still no internet.


I uninstall Pulse Secure, and wireless immediately starts working.


Here's a list of links of others having wireless issues:


The list goes on and on.


Several articles talk about the Network List Service, but that is active, on, and not disabled.



Community Manager

Re: Pulse Secure 9.0.3 Kills Wireless on Windows 10

Hello there,


Did your IT team already raise a support case for this?


If not, we are interested to look at this in more detail, and it would be easier to raise a support case. Can you send me your contact details via PM and we can connect you to the team.