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Pulse Secure 9.0.4 getting error 1319

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Pulse Secure 9.0.4 getting error 1319


We have not been able to connect to one of our client's network via Pulse Secure- after trying to connect using provided credentials the application asks to change current password and then returns this 'Your connection has failed. Authentication rejected by server. (Error:1319)'. The connection had been working before, last time we checked late August and there were no problems. The client has made sure the user we were trying to use had correct privileges, he was not able to find a reason for this issue on his side.
We were advised to check for the latest Pulse Secure release, I have been able to find 9.1.X release notes, however the only demo version that is being provided is the one we already have- 9.0.4.
I have already seen one topic on that matter, when some users started getting those errors all of a sudden sometime around August/September and someone mentioned upgrading. 
Is the 9.0.4 release out of date? Could this be the cause of this issue, rather than something on the customer server side?

Thank you in advance.


Re: Pulse Secure 9.0.4 getting error 1319

Can the user able to login through web browser?
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