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Pulse Secure Client & Norton Internet Security

New Contributor

Pulse Secure Client & Norton Internet Security

I am trying to connect to our VPN with Pulse Secure Client ver. 5.3.4 (1183) on a computer running Norton Internet Security v. 


NIS has the latest updates installed, and our Pulse Secure appliance is running ESAP 3.2.4.


The error I am receiving is:


"Limited Network access due to compliance issue


Your computer does not meet the following security requirements. 


The AntiVirus installed on your machine does not meet the requirements for connecting the *company* network. This could be (sic) that your AntiVirus is out of date, or it is not recognized by our scans."


Anyone else experiencing issues with Norton Internet Security?

Super Contributor

Re: Pulse Secure Client & Norton Internet Security

You should contact the IT group that runs the Pulse appliance you are trying to connect to.


This type error usually occurs when their check file (ESAP) is out of date and needs to be updated on their appliance.


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