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Pulse Secure Connects but private network often unavailable

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Pulse Secure Connects but private network often unavailable

We've exhausted our server host's support ability trying to figure this out. 


Basically, our pulse secure clients, connecting to a Juniper SRX300, will connect fine every time, but about half the time, we are unable to access anything on the private network including the VPN itself. This happens with all of our users.


We've tried running as admin, have the newest clients installed, but no matter the computer or network we are connecting from, every single user has the same problem. All users are running Windows 10 Pro, not on a domain, not on the same network. Computers are for the most part not on the same hardware at all.


Computers in use:
Dell G5 15 (5590)
Dell Precision 5510
Dell Precision 3520
Dell Latitude 5490
Dell Latitude 5590
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (6th gen)
ASUS Sabertooth X79
We've found that completely exiting out of the Pulse Secure client and re-running as administrator, will sometimes work, but it can take as many as 50 tries for the private network to become available. And again, this happens for every user. I've looked at the logs when the network isn't available and I can't see any different to when the client works the way it is supposed to. There's nothing in the logs on the Juniper firewall to indicate a problem either. We're looking for any help on this we can get, at the point where we're considering dumping our host and this VPN entirely because it's so unreliable.

Re: Pulse Secure Connects but private network often unavailable

if you have not already done so, i would recommend opening a case with juniper for them to review
are you using split tunneling enabled or disabled?
are you connecting to only one SRX or a cluster?

Re: Pulse Secure Connects but private network often unavailable

@jestep This is a very old issue that has been reported by other users... One of the affected users did identify the following:


No traffic being returned to the Pulse Client from SRX during the time of issue, however we do see traffic leaving the virtual interface. This can be confirmed by the bytes-in/out value shown by the Pulse Client (right click on the connection > advanced connection details)


As suggested by @zanyterp  ,please open a support ticket with Juniper for investigating this issue.

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