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Pulse Secure Host Checker- Checking failed

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Pulse Secure Host Checker- Checking failed

Hello Guys, 
Hope all of you are doing well, 


I have two Issues with pulse Secure Host Checker,

I have Sophos File Encryption and FireEye  Anti-Malware, and i created two rules in the HC for them:

for the first one;it is regarding Sophos DiskEncryption; i created a Predefind DiskEncryption that match sophos company and All Drivers must be ecncrypted,

so my problem when a device has Sophos file encryption the compliance policy failed and give me a message that sophos DiskEncryption are not installed.


regarding FireEye problem, when the checking Complince policy starting in the Pulse secure client after a while it give me a message that FireEye agent is not installed, it seems that the agent not able to see FireEye agent and matched it to the policy.



waiting your feedbaack.



Re: Pulse Secure Host Checker- Checking failed

It seems that the Pulse Client (using OPSWAT SDK) not able to find the FireEye installation, can you confirm the ESAP and SDK version being used?


How to activate newer SDK -


How to collect logs for HC issues -

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