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Pulse Secure Setup Client fails with "pre-installation" message

New Member

Pulse Secure Setup Client fails with "pre-installation" message

Dear Community,


I am using on macOS 10.14.4. When attempting to connect to my companies VPN server,  the web site shows up with the [Start]-Button. Clicking it results in a message telling me:

Pulse Secure Setup Client
The server configuration requires the application to be pre-installed on your machine.


followed by (probably caused by the first issue):

Pulse Application Launcher
Detected an internal error. Please retry. If the issue persists, contact your administrator.


No VPN connection is established. 

Of course, the Pulse Secure client is sucessfully installed. I can start it manually and it looks fine.


If I am using the Pulse Secure client with the very same setup, it works (VPN connection is established).


Any ideas? Why does that completely outdated version works on macOS but the latest and greates doesn't?


Thank you for any feedback!


Best Regards






Re: Pulse Secure Setup Client fails with "pre-installation" message

Looks like you found an unexpected behavior; though which is wrong, I am not sure. Based on the first message, if Pulse is not installed, it will not (and should not) be installed; the second message indicates that the browser is experiencing communication issues with the Pulse client (possibly related to not seeing the installation).
when you click on "start" is Pulse always already installed?
when you click on "start" is Pulse already installed using the preconfig file from this system?
when you click on "start" is Pulse using the matching version to the system?