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Pulse Secure Setup Client "System Error" with Citrix Workspace

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Pulse Secure Setup Client "System Error" with Citrix Workspace



The Pulse Secure Setup Client fails with the following error when being started from the corporate web interface:

Pulse Secure Setup Client
System Error
Please sign in and try again. If the problem continues, please contact your system administrator


Remote client started failing to connect a week ago after not using the remote client for 3 weeks. I thought that the problem may lie with the updates on my machine as the Windows 1803 update was never installed correctly. I updated Windows with all the updates and removed all Pulse and Citrix software from my machine to start from a clean installation. There were no indications of failures during installation of Pulse Secure Client with Citrix Workspace but the above mentioned error is blocking after the web interface runs Pulse Secure Client.


Two things that are different from a machine I'm using as a replacement. The first being log output is not showing dlls for mfc42.dll and wininet.dll:


PulseSetupClientControl: "DebugId" '***' [Debug] neodbg.c:1165 - ***:     mfc42.dll:

PulseSetupClientControl: "DebugId" '***' [Debug] neodbg.c:1165 - ***:     wininet.dll:


The second is the following error in the PulseSetupClientControl.log:

2019/01/09 10:02:46.257 PulseSetupClientControl: "DebugId" 'DSSetupClientHelper::invokeSetupDll()' [Debug] dsSetupClientHelper.cpp:218 - DSSetupClientHelper::invokeSetupDll(): retCode=-100


I have administrator privileges and running on Windows 10 (1803). Citrix Workspace Also the same error happens when installing using Citrix Receiver.


Any help would be appreciated.


Re: Pulse Secure Setup Client "System Error" with Citrix Workspace

Hi, this issue looks to be more indepth than what is normally handled on a web forum. 


Can you open a case with our Customer Success team and work it from there.  If there were any type of bugs / issues that are determined, a support case is needed to file a report with our developer team.


Please provide the agent with the specific version of Pulse Client you are using as well as the OS and Citrix versions in play.




Craig Brauckmiller

Escalation Manager

Pulse Secure


Re: Pulse Secure Setup Client "System Error" with Citrix Workspace

If you look at control panel, are you seeing the Pulse Setup client installed?