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Pulse Secure Silent Install

New Member

Pulse Secure Silent Install

I'm trying to do a silent install of this software.  Has anyone been able to accomplish this?  If so, how?!


Command I'm running at elevated command prompt:

  • msiexec.exe /i "c:\app\PulseSecure.x64.msi" /qn
Occasional Contributor

Re: Pulse Secure Silent Install

msiexec.exe /i "PulseSecure.x64.msi" CONFIGFILE="Default.pulsepreconfig" /qn /norestart


you get the config file off your vpn appliance under the "components" section I believe

New Member

Re: Pulse Secure Silent Install



I am Atul, and am new to Pulse secure community. Am able to install silently Pulse secure clinet using given msiexec command in earlier post. Thank you very much and it really helped me.


Now i need your help to add the connection to my VPN gateway using the command line or any config file or if we can copy connection config file from earlier set Pulse secure client. So that i can include it in my installion bat file.


Thank You very much in advance for your kind help.


Atul Walke

Occasional Contributor

Re: Pulse Secure Silent Install

There are couple of ways of doing this.
  1. You can download the config file from PCS( Users-> Pulse Secure Client-> Components. Select desired Component set and click "Download Installer Configuration”) and using “jamcommand” you can add/update the connection details.
     C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Pulse Secure\JamUI\jamCommand.exe" /importFile <Location of Config file>
  2. Other way of doing this is, you can connect to Pulse Connect Secure through browser(the server from which Pulse client is installed) and it automatically fetches all the connection profiles.