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Pulse Secure Virtual Adapter Vs. Modern Standby

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Pulse Secure Virtual Adapter Vs. Modern Standby

Since Windows 10 ver.2004 , we cannot disable Modern/Connected Standby anymore.

A lot of settings are moved from old control panel power settings (through powersheme customisation f.e.) to the modern one.

All is working fine for physical NICs , power related settings are fully customisable as desired...

Except for Pulse Secure Virtual adapter : it's the only adapter that keep is "Power Management" tab into NIC hardware properties. and of course, "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" tick box is checked by default . It seems (it's only a guess) that driver is too old to be Modern standby aware. We don't want to tweak this tick-box through custom reg key forced by GPO : Class Adapter rank position change from one laptop hardware model to another. Now the issue is that sometimes, when screen locks after inactivity time-out, (NOT sleep, NOT hibernate, just the black screen power save feature)  VPN goes down until user is back behind his laptop, then VPN reconnect . Did someone already fins a way to avoid this ? Thx a lot 


Re: Pulse Secure Virtual Adapter Vs. Modern Standby

@Pierre Have not tested or saw similar issue reported to Support. Is it possible open a ticket with us to investigate this behavior further?

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