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Pulse Secure and PowerShell - Client Side

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Pulse Secure and PowerShell - Client Side

Hello Pulse Secure Community,


I've done various searches and come up pretty short on trying to see how to configure newer versions of Pulse Secure through Powershell or CMD on the Client Side.


What i'm trying to do, is Add a connection in the Pulse Secure Application. I'm trying to automate this in our computer setup process.


I can successfully add VPN connections through PowerShell in Windows 10 VPN Settings via Add-VpnConnection without a problem. It's adding it in the Pulse Secure application that has proved to be troublesome. 


Has anyone had any luck with this? Please share if you have. Thanks!


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Re: Pulse Secure and PowerShell - Client Side

Hello and thanks for the post.


We do not support any 3rd party command line tools to create VPN connections for the Pulse Client.  Our appliances can create a "preconfigurataion" file that is basically XML.  You can export that XML and use our jamCommand CLI tool to configure the Pulse Client on the workstation.


This process is covered in the Pulse Client Admin Guide that can be found here :




Craig Brauckmiller

Pulse Secure