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Pulse Secure disconects frequently

New Member

Pulse Secure disconects frequently

Hi team,


I am a member of an IT department, for the last three years have been using Pulse Secure and me personally have not had any issues till now.

The problem is that after updating the app to the latest version 9.1.5 (2101) the VPN connection started discconecting me on and off. I tried with different company compliancies as well creating a new user profile, but the result is the same.

Tried removing the app from control panel, registries, APP Data folder, Roaming folder....etc, but nothing seems to solve the issue.

Error message from the event viewer says:

"Connection FXCM (ID fec09f558d49bd4d9384ffce6028d191) is stopping because of its policy requirements.
Connection Policy:"

Any ideas what mght be the fix here.





Re: Pulse Secure disconects frequently

Seems to be caused due to policy evaluation, can you please replicate and provide the below logs for review?


Pulse Client Logs:

1. Open Pulse Client.
2. File >> Logs >> Annotate >> "disconnect"
3. File >> Logs >> Log level >> Detailed.
4. Replicate the issue, wait till it get disconnected.
5. File >> Logs >> Save as.

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Pulse Connect Secure Certified Expert