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Pulse Secure only to browser

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Pulse Secure only to browser

Hi all,

I am usin pulse secure to connect to client network.

Can any one pls tell me how to connect only browser to client network using pulse secure.


I need only browser to be in connected to client network. i am using desktop pulse secure application.

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Re: Pulse Secure only to browser

I am not sure I am interpreting the question correctly so forgive if this is the wrong direction.


We use the client to establish tunneling connections from the user computer to the network.  It sounds like you only need to publish web sites from the internal network for external user use.


If that is the case you do not need the client install at all.  You simply add your internal web sites as web resources in Pulse.  Then your users will connect to the pulse server using the web browser going to the url you setup for the pulse server directly.  Once they log in from the web browser they will be presented with their allowed web resources in the browser.


The installed client is not needed at all for web application only deploys.


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