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Pulse VPN connection fails after wake from sleep on MacOS

New Contributor

Pulse VPN connection fails after wake from sleep on MacOS

I'm running into an intermittent problem where Pulse VPN fails to connect after wake up from sleep on MacOS.  Running on MacOS 12.6 and Pulse version 9.1.15(15821) but this has been occurring for quite some time now.  


I think it mostly happens after the mac wakes up from sleep while it's connected to VPNs.


The symptoms are, after wake up, the VPN doesn't reconnect.  When I try to force disconnect and reconnect it gets stuck in "Disconnecting" state (I didn't think to save logs yet, next time it happens I will).


While this is happening, IP based access to LAN machines works fine.  But DNS is completely broken because scutil --dns shows


resolver #1
  search domain[0] : <vpn domain>
  search domain[1] : mydomain
  nameserver[0] : 10.<internal vpn dns addresses>
  nameserver[1] : 10.<internal vpn dns addresses>
  flags    : Request A records
  reach    : 0x00000002 (Reachable)

Since IP based connections work fine, my speculation is, hostname based connections (including those used by pulse to disconnect) are failing because it can't reach the 10.x DNS servers on the VPN.


I haven't figured out a way to resolve this or (reset) the DNS settings to fix this short of a reboot.  It happens frequently enough that rebooting seems like the wrong solution.  Any thoughts?  I'll try to gather logs next time this happens and poke in there.  I'm not a pulse expert however, I've opened a ticket with our IT organization and they haven't looked into this yet and I'm seeing this frequently enough that I figured I'd post here and see if there's any known issues or thoughts.


Re: Pulse VPN connection fails after wake from sleep on MacOS

unfortunately, i think they will need to open a case with our support team. this looks to be similar to something we see on windows based on a configuration element in the vpn appliance
i do not believe there is a solution at this time other than what you are doing; i do not see any reports of this yet