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Pulse issues with Netgear Orbi

Pulse issues with Netgear Orbi

Hi, I recently upgraded my network router to an RBK50 Netgear Orbi.   If I am using a wired connection to my laptop, Pulse will connect but will then drop.  The vicious cycle of connect/drop will continue as long as I want to play.  


If I go through wi-fi, I have previously had similar problems although this morning, the wi-fi connection is working, while wired is still a problem.  Any suggestions?


Re: Pulse issues with Netgear Orbi

hi [email protected] ,

You'll need to go through the Pulse Client logs and possible the back-end logs to determine from a Pulse what is going wrong. Maybe there is also information in the event logs of your laptop. 


If only pulse is giving issues, you should reach out to you Company's IT to help troubleshooting / debugging. 


Re: Pulse issues with Netgear Orbi

Is the VPN connection stable when you mobile hotspot? seems like an issue might on the client side...


Can you please DM me the Pulse Client logs for quick review?

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Pulse Connect Secure Certified Expert