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RDP disconnects while connecting via RDP


RDP disconnects while connecting via RDP

We have deployed 2 VM's in Azure to be used as stepping stone servers with a static IP address to connect to our end-client premises via Secure Pulse VPN. We are accesing the VM's via RDP, and the secure pulse client has been installed on the VM's.


Once the secure pulse client performs the compliancy check, everything goes fine, but as soon as it connects to end-client premises, the RDP get's disconnected. After that we can't connect anymore to the VM via RDP.


How can we solve this issue?


Re: RDP disconnects while connecting via RDP

@TLun Seems like the VPN connection being used is a full tunnel which will change the default route to use the VPN tunnel network for outbound traffic instead of the physical interface.


Due to this, your RDP connection which was established over the Physical interface (before VPN) now gets switched over to virtual tunnel and the VM is replying to the RDP connection through the tunnel interface instead of physical (after VPN).


You can add the destination network (your source IP) as a static route and point it to use the physical interface, so that the RDP connection will stay intact.


One more problem that I see with this setup is if we try to connect to the VM after connecting to VPN, then it will cause the VPN connection to disconnect i.e. establishing VPN after connected via RDP should work fine, but the vice-versa will not do the same, hence please make sure that the RDP connection stays up so that you don't need to reconnect after the VPN tunnel establishment.


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