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Re: Prevent the connection from being deleted.


Re: Prevent the connection from being deleted.

 There's a way to do it, however, that change will always cause the users to lose other abilities like manual disconnect/reconnect. So, you need to use a feature called "location awareness" which can help auto-connecting/disconnecting based on certain creteria. 


Location Awareness -


Connection set options -


Connection options:



  • Allow user connectionsControls whether connections can be added by the user.
  • Allow user to override connection policyAllows a user to override the connection policy by manually connecting or disconnecting. Typically, you leave this option selected to make sure that a user can establish a connection under all conditions. If you disable this check box, the user cannot change the endpoint’s connection status, suspend/resume a connection to Pulse Connect Secure or shut down Pulse Secure client.


    VPN admin UI Path - Users > Pulse Secure Client > Connections



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Prevent the connection from being deleted.


I want to prevent the connection from being deleted or modify by users.

I search for that on the web but i don't find a solution.

Anyone got a solution ?