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Remote Connection Issues windows 10

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Remote Connection Issues windows 10

I am currently working form home and have recently got a new laptop (HP Probook 650 G5).
I am having major issues with my new laptop when trying to connect to out server via Pulse. As soon as i connect via pulse my laptop starts to run slow, internet access is limited, I struggle to access any of the server drives remotely, apps using the internet e.g. microsoft teams disconnect and its causign me a lot of problems. Our IT guy has had the laptop back and reinstalled all of the offline files and he thought hat was where the issue lies but its till exactly the same. 


Could this be a firewall issue? something on the new laptop blockign the connection? If i get my old laptop out (about 6 years old) it connects straight away with no issues so its nothing to do with my home internet connection. 


Any suggestions appreciated. 



Re: Remote Connection Issues windows 10

Do you see the same behavior when using LAN connection? Can you please confirm the WiFi driver version? If it is Intel 9560/9260 model, then please try the manuall solution, posted in

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