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Remote Installations Not Installing Setup Client Components

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Remote Installations Not Installing Setup Client Components



I am currently in the process of packaging the Pulse Secure desktop client to be deployed through Manage Engine's Desktop Central and am encountering an issue where the 3 'Setup Client' components are not being installed, only "Pulse Secure 9.0". The application still launches properly, but when attempting to connect to any added connection it stays at "Connection Requested" and does not move forward.


The three components not being installed are:

  1. Pulse Secure Setup Client
  2. Pulse Secure Setup Client 64-bit Activex Control
  3. Pulse Secure Setup Client Activex Control

Installation is done through the following command line:

msiexec.exe /i "PulseSecure.x64.msi" CONFIGFILE="Company.pulsepreconfig" /qn /norestart


The server's repository holds both the installer and preconfig file. When installing locally using this command all components are installed and the application works perfectly.


Is there a perimeter or file I am missing that is causing this?



Re: Remote Installations Not Installing Setup Client Components

Hmm... I am not 100% sure about the setup client installation along with pulse client package; @zanyterp - Does SC will be installed as part of the PDC installation? I know Installer service will install SC along with ActiveX plugins.

Anyway, not having setup client installed should not cause any issues with pulse client's operation.

Is "Connect Requested" behaviour being observed on all machines?

What happens if you don't install the preconfig file along with MSI?

Any luck after toggling the Pulse Service from services wizard?
Pulse Connect Secure Certified Expert

Re: Remote Installations Not Installing Setup Client Components

@Ray: No, setup client is not installed with Pulse Desktop.

@CDriVe: The lack of setup client, as Ray mentioned, will not prevent the ability to connect. if you login through the web and then click on "start" do you see the same behavior (inability to start the session)?
do you have a minimum client version configured & enforced?
do you see the proper configuration information showing after installation completes?
do you see the same behavior if everything is hosted locally (rather than remotely)?
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Re: Remote Installations Not Installing Setup Client Components

Apologies for the late response!


@Ray This is occurring on all the machines.


I did notice that if I use a local (working) installation and manually uninstall all the setup client components and leave Pulse Secure 9.0 I can still establish a connection - My remote installation APPEARS the same way but doesn't work. I've also confirmed that the Pulse Secure Service is running during both, and have attempted to restart them just in case.


I'm beginning to think there is a background component being missed during the remote installation, but installing with no preconfig also causes the same issue. 


@zanyterp Minimum version is enforced, but this version is the most current on our network. The configuration populates properly as well. 


Unfortunately I am not seeing this issue at all during a local installation, and running a local repair of the remote installation also fixes this issue.


I am debating trying a different installation method where I place the file on the local machine and remotely run the installation command. 


Is there any logging information I could provide to better diagnose this issue? I can provide a working client log vs a non-working - would that help?


Re: Remote Installations Not Installing Setup Client Components

Thank you for responding back @CDriVe.

Yes, please provide the non-working and working MSI logs along with Pulse client debug logs in detailed level (after remote installation, please set the log level to detailed - Logs >> Log level >> Detailed and replicate the connect requested issue, save the logs by Logs >> Save as.) for review.
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Re: Remote Installations Not Installing Setup Client Components

Same issue here, I'm trying to deploy Pulse Secure 9.1r3 through SCCM with msi command and preconfig file. 

msiexec /i ps-pulse-win-9.1r3.0-b1313-64bitinstaller.msi /q /norestart CONFIGFILE=%~dp0Company.pulsepreconfig /L* "%logpath%\app-Pulse_Secure-v9_1r3-msi-install.log"

I tried too with command STANDALONE=1 to force the component installation but no success.

I think is a issue with de user who launch de installler. If I install from a local admin/GUI it installs correctly, but not if SCCM installs (System user).

In both situations, desktop client was installed correctly.