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Remove Cloud App Visibility agent (cav.exe)

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Remove Cloud App Visibility agent (cav.exe)



We do not use or want the Cloud App Visibility agent that comes bundled with the PulseSecure desktop client.


It appears this is started by the Pulse Secure Service, and cannot be controlled independently. There is nothing in the Client Admin Guide about this process at all.


How do we disable/remove this process, and prevent it from being installed in the future?




Re: Remove Cloud App Visibility agent (cav.exe)

Hi Jed,


CAV is the proxy component which gets installed as part of the Pulse Client, as it is packaged with the Pulse Client installer.


Not sure if it is possible to remove it.


- Ray.


Re: Remove Cloud App Visibility agent (cav.exe)

I can confirm that it cannot be removed; it is part of the Pulse client installation.
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Re: Remove Cloud App Visibility agent (cav.exe)

In the config file (access.ini) the folder location # C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Pulse Secure\JUNS\access.ini


there is section for CAV as shown below.  We need to change Start Type from ‘Auto’ to ‘Manual’, the cav.exe won’t be started by Pulse service.




You can include this file modification request during the time of creating a new application package request with the packaging/deployment team.


If the PCD client has been pushed to all the machine base, then check the feasibility on your side to push/deploy this file using SCCM or any similar tools, followed by ‘Pulse Secure Service’ service restart(or machine restart), the CAV won’t start i.e. functionality will be disabled.


Hope this helps.



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Re: Remove Cloud App Visibility agent (cav.exe)

Awesome, thanks Ibrahim!