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Save credential on Linux client

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Save credential on Linux client

Hi everyone,

does Linux client was able to save credential like windows and Mac do ? our Linux user have little bit tiring for entering credential with strong password, and there is no option for save credential. am i miss something for this?

or the save credential feature is available for windows and Mac?

any help?
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Re: Save credential on Linux client

What version of the Pulse client are you using?
Have you enabled this on the connection set ?
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Re: Save credential on Linux client

we currently use linux client version 8.2

we already test latest client version 5.3R3 and still didn't find save credential option.


is the save credential option for linux client can be enabled on connection set?

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Re: Save credential on Linux client

So it's 2020 now, and apparently, the linux client still doesn't save information. Currently when I login there's a nice standard microsoft Oauth2 process to enter my work email, password, asks me "Stay signed in?" and when I try to reconnect the next day... it forgot my login and password and that option to stay signed in. 

Edit: Pulse Client 9.1R3(85)