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Slow - default behavior without bandwidth mgmt?

New Contributor

Slow - default behavior without bandwidth mgmt?



I've seen a few threads over the years about slow throughput when connected with the Pulse client, and none of the suggestions seem to help. So my question is: does anyone know whether there's a particular DEFAULT behavior parsing out bandwidth to a single user when VPN bandwidth management is NOT enabled?


The Pulse graphs suggest that the box's aggregate throughput is never really exceeding spikes of 20Meg, even though the box is connected at 10gig to its next hop, and is communicating across 10gig or faster links all the way to our ISP. But when I attempt to do anything through it, it's much slower that I expect. Tests to give results ranging from 50 to 350 Mbps, depending on the profile. I chose ESP instead of SSL for a test profile and got pretty consistent 150 Mbps results, so it may have made the worst-case a bit better. But still nowhere near the 940 Mbps average to when I'm just using a wired connection.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 1.28.09 PM.png

Any ideas?