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Smart Card Support for Linux Client

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Smart Card Support for Linux Client

I work at a US Navy installation, and as such all IT infrastructure requires the use of PIV Smart Card authentication. To provide employees with remote access, they utilize a Pulse Secure VPN solution. For both Windows and MacOS, the client accepts the use of a Smart Card for logging in. However, last I tried a linux client, this did not work. As such, Linux workstations are not supported by the network management group.


Is there any intent to provide this capability? I would really like to work from home without using a Windows laptop...

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Re: Smart Card Support for Linux Client

I'm in the same boat.  (HPC user in Dept. of Commerce)


Have you tried OpenConnect VPN Client?  It's not affiliated with Pulse Secure but supposedly it works with the their VPN server and supports smartcards.   I have not yet tried it since I don't have sudo rights on my machine. 


Let me know if this works for you or if you figured something else out.  Thanks.



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