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Unable to connect at given time / Forced to set firewall on "Authorize all"

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Unable to connect at given time / Forced to set firewall on "Authorize all"


I'm having 2 issues (probably unrelated though)  :

First one is that I often can't get the VPN to work during most of the day. Pulse client says everything is fine but as soon as I connect to one VPN, I loose all internet connectivity until I close the VPN. What I mean is nothing works anymore (navigation, updates mails). I checked the pulse client and fast enough after connection is established,incoming packages  stop to come. Of note, my institution has 2 VPN and the second one never causes any issue (but of course it is the less usefull one). 


My second issue : once connected to the network (when it does work) in order to get access to files and generally drives and folders of my institution , I am "forced * " to set my bitdefender firewall on "authorize all", otherwise it's like my computer doesnt see anything. What is wierd is that I can still access internet in that case. (* this is the only way around the problem for me as for now) 

Would someone have by any chance some explanations : I'm mostly wondering if these issues are more depending on my institution's hardware limitations or is it something that comes from Pulse ?

In advance, thank you so much for your help and time Smiley Happy


Re: Unable to connect at given time / Forced to set firewall on "Authorize all"



1) seems like a network or routing issue between the VPN server and remote resources. We would need to capture packets on the VPN server's internal port to see if packets destined to your machines are reaching the VPN server correctly.


2) Based on your description, it seems like BD is blocking access to share drives unless you manually authorize it. please check with BD support if it's expected to see such behavior.

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