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Version 9.0.2 on MacOS


Version 9.0.2 on MacOS


We are getting error code 1205 when trying to connect to company VPN after upgrading to version 9.0.2.


We tried troubleshooting steps highlighted here:


Cannot locate file sysctl.conf to complete the steps.


This has been tried on High Sierra and Mojave


Is this a known issue for macs?


Re: Version 9.0.2 on MacOS

Hello @kwatson


I tried the steps provided in the KB and I was able to locate the file. 


I currently run Mojave 10.14.2.


Community Manager

Re: Version 9.0.2 on MacOS

If you are not able to find the file itself, you may be able to still run the command.  Run the command to see if any output occurs:


sudo sysctl -a kern.ipc.maxsockbuf

It should output the value of 8388608. If not, try the following command:

sudo sysctl -w kern.ipc.maxsockbuf=8388608