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WSL2 network connection breaks with Pulse Secure VPN

New Member

Re: WSL2 network connection breaks with Pulse Secure VPN

Hi Krishna, can you add more details? Your answer says that we need to update another conf file like in comments above but I'm not sure what other comments you are referring to.


I have the exact same issue: Ubuntu on WSL2 can't talk to some servers when connection to VPN (through the Windows PulseSecure client app). Same issue as everyone else. I'd like to try your solution but am not sure what to cut and paste into the conf files. Should I copy the lines exactly "as is" with the stars * ? Can you add what other file you updated and paste the changes here? Thanks! I'm also completely stuck, I have to disconnect and reconnect to VPN multiple times per day to run some commands while on VPN and other while off VPN to be able to do my work, it's super frustrating.


Thanks for the help!