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Which antivirus programs qualify?

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Which antivirus programs qualify?

I'm on OSX and I get the following error:

Instructions: No instructions are available.

Reasons: Anti-Virus software listed in security requirements is not installed.
com.avast.daemon not found.

I also have BitDefender installed. Does it not qualify?
I wish you would list qualifications so we don't have to guess.
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Re: Which antivirus programs qualify?

You may need to reach out to your system administrator to determine how your "Host Checker" functionality is configured (and which AV systems are required).

You can also check out the release notes for our "ESAP" product to get a sense of what AV systems can be detected:
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Re: Which antivirus programs qualify?

I'm getting sick of this:
Kaspersky Anti-Virus does not comply with policy. Compliance requires real time protection enabled.
Kaspersky clearly shows that it is enabled. My client supposedly doesn't support Macs, which Pulse actually does and

Please post information about how Pulse Secure verifies these Anti-Virus Programs. This is not security; this is obscurity.