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Why having such a bad linux support?

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Why having such a bad linux support?

I recently found out about Pulse Secure/Juniper support for Linux and was happy. I got even more exicted when I read about the support of OpenConnect VPN client for Pulse Connect Secure. But my joy was only for a short time:

  • OpenConnect will only work when no input is required after connecting
  • Pulse Secure is based on old dependencies like webkitgtk, which is not supported by my distribution and took hours to compile .. same for xulrunner
  • the command line tool pulsesvc is not very well documented
  • the supported distributions are hard coded (in a quite catastrophic way.. it's even worse than me programming using Windows Batch)
  • the supported distributions are old and limited. Neither the widespreaded Arch Linux nor the current LTS release of Ubuntu (18.04) are supported

It is great that there is support for Linux. But please let it be developed by somebody who knows the world of Linux. Provide a small CLI-application which works in all scenarios, or even better, work on the integration in OpenConnect - don't use Webkit. Please stop forcing users to stick to old distributions/dependencies etc. Debian, CentOS, Readhat, Ubuntu and especially Fedora are good distributions, but there is much more like Arch Linux, Gentoo, LFS, Slackwave, Linux Mint, Neon, ... some of them even don't have version numbers which can become outdated (like Ubuntu). 


I really look forward to the next release (or even a final 9.0) with a support for at least Ubuntu 18.04. 


Re: Why having such a bad linux support?

Hi Kyudo,

I've done some work to find if pulse has changed there policies about Gnu/linux OS's.

I'am wondering if you did had some responds from the support and if they came with a solution to support latest versions with the good packages in recent versions of Ubuntu or redHat for exemple.
Thank you for your respond.


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Re: Why having such a bad linux support?

Please can someone help me out with this. It's 2020 and I still can't connect to Pulse Secure VPN from my Arch Linux. Any tutorials, Stack Overflow or documentation links will be helpful.

Community Manager

Re: Why having such a bad linux support?

This is an older post - I recomend you start a new thread.