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Windows 11 hangs on disconnecting

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Windows 11 hangs on disconnecting

I'd like to report a bug with Pulse Secure Desktop v9.1.11 build 6725.


On both of my Windows 11 machines, when attempting to disconnect from the VPN (either by using the "Disconnect" button or by exiting Pulse Secure), it will hang on "Disconnecting" and sit there indefinitely. This renders any network resources on the computer unusable until the machine is restarted.


This happens on both Windows 11 machines I have - one is a desktop custom built by me, and the other is a Dell laptop. It also happens regardless of whether the machine is using wifi or ethernet. Both are running Windows 11 21H2 build 22000.


Please look into this - I don't recall this happening under Windows 10. Thanks.


Re: Windows 11 hangs on disconnecting

@KS1993 What type of authentication service being used while connecting to VPN? Is it SAML or username-password type?

Can you please try with the latest Pulse Client available (9.1R13) on windows 11 and check the behavior? I've just tried the 9.1R13 in my Windows 11 setup and observed no such issues.

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Re: Windows 11 hangs on disconnecting

I have the same issue with windows 10. I don't need to restart the laptop, but it's stuck on 'dissconnecting' for about 4 minutes.


authentucation type is SAML. I also have a link which uses regular user-password authentucation and is working just fine with no issues.


Re: Windows 11 hangs on disconnecting

i am guessing that the issue is due to a feature being enabled on the SAML configuration. if you have not done so, please open a case with our support team to confirm that the backend/SAML service is not replying. without that reply, the disconnect is hung.