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pulse secure issues on windows 10


Re: pulse secure issues on windows 10

Thanks.  As you may or may not know, Pulse Secure was part of Juniper.  As such, I still know a lot of the folks in the SRX support area.  Was hoping to close the loop on this and see what they say.


If the fix is available in later JUNOS releases, this would suggest that the issue was on the SRX all along.


Hopefully, Juniper does have a fix.





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Re: pulse secure issues on windows 10



any news about this issue? 


Re: pulse secure issues on windows 10

@ihatepulsesecure wrote:

Does anyone else have issues with pulse secure client on windows 10?

I connect fine to my remote juniper srx router with the vpn connection

my computer sees the virtual network but when i try to reach resources on the virtual network it wont let me. The behavior is more like hit or miss. Sometimes it works sometimes it does not work.


At the moment now it has not worked for days

I have been having these issue since the software was with juniper before it got rebranded as pulsesecure and still several years still having this hit or miss issues. And this is after switching multiple windows 10 computers. TTRockStars


On mac it works great no issues at all. But on windows 10 it is hell on earth.

Anyone else have this issue as i truly believe it is an OS issue.

Any luck with this issue, I have the exact issue. 




Re: pulse secure issues on windows 10

@Kris4654 can you check with Juniper to track what is happening on the SRX?